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Erica Marani

Lebt in London
Besuchte Länder
I’m 34 yo i’m Italian and i come from the city of Romeo and Juliet… who can guess the name of the city? Its easy 😉 I’m of course in love with travel and i love to share my passion for it with other people, because after all, sharing is caring! 🥰 I’m always smiling, i’m a proud class clown and a total foodie! So if you see me serious, no worries i’m just hungry! 😂😂 I have been living in Italy until i was 23 years old when i moved to London and then to Spain and then to Colombia, and i loved every single day of my Wanderlust life. ✈️ Now i’m stable in London but still travelling a lot. 😇 Apart from food and travelling i really love to be able to connect with people from different cultures and that is why i pushed myself to learn many languages. I do speak Spanish and French apart from English and Italian of course. Ps: I love to see wild animals in their natural habitat! 🐒🐘🐊🦒🦈🦖