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Gabriele Maria Giardino

Lebt in Munich
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We all belong to the same place: THE WORLD. 🌍 But... Do we really know the place we are from? Countries, people, cultures change over "time and space" (nerd cit.), extending the knowledge we should acquire to discover the place where we are from. On top of that, our time and energies are constrained to our lifestyles. It sounds overwhelming, isn't it? But... Here comes WeRoad! By selecting the most wonderful places and the most intriguing adventures, picking the best matching people together, focusing on discovery of world's cultures, WeRoad has the power to optimize out never-ending travel through the world. This is why I decided to become a Travel Coordinator: to live experiences to the full with the right people, being sure no time and energies (constrained as said before, remember?) is wasted. And, of course, this vision may seem an "engineering view" - probably because I am one of those individuals who work with numbers - yet it applies to everyone who wants to build memories in the best way. The question now is: ARE YOU READY? Ah, some info about me: - Originally from Italy - Magna Grecia part 🇮🇹 - Living in Germany since 2018 🇩🇪 - Lived before in Belgium 🇧🇪 - Moved among different cultures within the same country, to study 📚 - Open to the unknown: discovery the world, discuss new topics, immerse in different cultures 🔎 - Nerd 👾 - Social animal 🦊 - Passion+work about cars 🚗 - Food is Good 🥙 - (to be filled with your impressions 😉)
August 2024
Sa. 17 August
12 Nächte
Do. 29 August
Travel Coordinator Gabriele Maria Giardino

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