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Zeyneb Camli

Lebt in Hamburg
Besuchte Länder
The love of traveling and connecting with people around the world comes from my early childhood. My family and I used to make road-trips from Germany to Turkey. We visited during this trip many countries. We were able to visit beautiful places and making beautiful memories with People. One of my favorite activities is stand up paddling and swimming. I wouldn’t say that I am the best but I just really enjoy being connected with water. I always try to include the nature during my Travels. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Jungle, ocean or mountains, I truly love the see the nature in each country when I am traveling. So what I also really love is talking, I love to communicate. Doesn’t matter in which language. But I have to say that I really love to talk in Portuguese. It is just my soul language. I really feel comfortable and have the feeling to express my self differently than in the other languages I do speak.